Cignus Two-way radio and accessories

Cignus wide selection of two way radio from amateur band, commercial, DMR, Dual band, marine, mobile and SRRS. Cignus two way radio transceiver that comes in a complete package of rechargeable battery, battery charger, stubby antenna, and belt clip. It is pre-programmed to be versatile, offering cross-band reception with other frequencies, over 128 channels, and is still customizable, allowing it’s users to program it with a PC.

All Cignus two-way radio are NTC type approved for licensing purpose both for amateur and commercial bands.

For personal or business communications needs  two-way radio products, performance, capabilities, durable professional portables, mobiles base radios.

The wide range of software for two-way radio single band, dual band, waterproof radio where affordability, quality, durability and full service warranty

Full selections of two-way radio accessories for portable and mobile setup, customized radio options headsets, battery, car mounts and portable antennas.Variable regulated power supply for base setup and installation, equipped with buit-in charger and panel meter, with autorevert function in case of power failure.