Mobile Base Radio Cignus


Cignus Two-way radio Mobile

CG-818mini Mobile Radio

The Cignus CG-818mini Base Radio comes handy with On Hand Microphone Display on large LCD with adjustable brightness. Convenient for nigh time use. Amateur mode & Professional mode for different operation requirement. Distribute buttons reasonably, convenient for operation. Adopt superior quality material, better technology and high quality mini base radio to ensure stable and durable operation. Easy to setup on motorcycle with the standard package radio bracket and screws, high gain car antenna to choose from and variety of mounts, options and accessories design for ease communications.

CG-818 Mobile Radio       

The Cignus CG-818 Single Band Base Radio provides extended receiver coverage of 136-174MHz VHF and 400-520MHz UHF (beyond the Amateur bands), so you can keep informed of communication activities in the public safety, commercial, and government communications ranges. The power of 60 watts will extend range  when used on base to base, base to portable communications, radio low and high power settings can easily be set, allowing you to choose how far your communication range.   

CG-828UV Dual Band Mobile Radio        

The Cignus CG-828UV Dual Band Base Radio has a nice housing, tough, rugged,  stability, advanced and reliable functions, perfect and valuable. This Dual Band base radio especially designed for drivers with detachable front panel for car setup and easy access future and memory channels. When setup as a Cross-band Repeater the standby blower fan ensures long hours of operation without worry of overheat and mal-function. Easy Cross-band repeater with a simple touch of a button. Setup as a temporary repeater station during emergency or any field events which require long range portable operation.