Two-way radio

  • We want privacy in our radio communications is this possible?

We offer free programming for personal or private used, so your channel is secure and protected during operations.

  • I need a radio that doesn’t require a license, what can you reccomend?

License Free is recommended for those who don’t like license paper works. They operate in 325mhz band.

  • What is vhf-uhf? which one to use  for indoor-outdoor communications?

For outdoor use VHF radios are best as their signals travel farther when there are no obstructions, particularly in fairly open areas. Their signals tend to travel farther over land. UHF can perform better for indoor radio operations. as their signals better penetrate steel and concrete.

  • Do radios communicate each other regardless of brands, models?

Yes, any  radios brand can communicate with other,  as long  as they are in the same frequency band and tones.if you have existing  radio add-on units must match the same frequency and program codes/tones.with the dealer or manufacturer on specific models.

  • What is repeater? does it helps to extend radio talk-range?

Repeaters can extend the range of communication. Repeaters are located in a high location for better range. A repeater basically ‘boosts’ the signal (RX) and sends (TX) it out again. Repeaters  high wattage between 25 and 100 watts, will travel much farther than the original signal from the radio which is 3-5 watts. 

  • Do I need longer antenna?

A Longer antennas provide better signal reception; a short (or stubby) antenna cuts your range by roughly 30%. Stubby or short antenna commonly used for close communication in groups or escort. The short antenna sometimes makes the radio easier to carry, and works well in locations where distance is not an issue.

  • How many frequency channels do I need for any industry company use?

The  channels and frequency requirements may vary on a situation basis, industry on which groups of employees need to communicate with each other. Grouping each department is one of the regular basis. Divide these employees per department and function  will determined who will be assigned a specific channel. 

  • Why is wattage important in radio talk-range?

Wattage is one key factor that determines the strength of your radio signal. Typical radio with 5 watts output power can reach 3-5km, this may vary from obstruction to Line of sight (LOS). Therefore, the more wattage a radio has, generally the longer distance it’s signal can travel and the clearer the transmission will be. The larger the job-site, the more watts you should purchase. We recommend using hi-wattage radio 7-8 watts and above.

  • Do you ship to addresses outside of the Philippines?

No, we currently ship only to locations within the Philippines.

  • When will my order ship, what time is your shipping cut-off?

We are committed to providing same day shipping on all items orders placed before 3:00 PM, once payment is verified from Monday to Saturday. Sunday orders generally ship the following Monday.

  • Which shipping carrier do you use?

For  NCR-Luzon shipping, we use JRS/LBC. Most shipments for Vizayas-Mindanao we ship via AP Cargo. For any other shipments by land, Bus transportation is used.

  • Do these radio have a VOX mode feauture and ready to use?

Yes! While most of radio models have this feature. We can program this VOX mode on and off thru PC or manual  programming, as per client request or demand.

VOX, which stands for Voice Activated Transmit is a feature that allows you to use your two-way radio hands-free. VOX type headsets keep the microphone active all the time, which means that the radio will automatically start transmitting when you speak

  • Are you selling refurbished products?

We only sell Genuine radios from our trusted radio distributors, everything we sell is new and under full factory warranty. We do not sell refurbished or ‘knock-off’ merchandise.

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icom- genuine- 3d
  • Where can I download the free software and manuals for these radio?

    You can download free radio programming software and manuals for all radio brands model on our support download page. For any other radio software not included in our list, please send email query or contact us.