Kenwood Two-way radio




 Kenwood TK-7302 VHF / TK-8302 UHF

Multiple Scan Functions, including Priority Scan
– Voting (automatic repeater search & selection)
– Independent Setting Per Channel (compander, scrambler)
– BCL (Busy Channel Lockout)
– 9 Programmable Function Keys
– Talk Around
– Horn Alert Function
– Companded Audio (narrow/wide)
– 3-colour LED (red, orange, green)
– Voice Announcement (choice of language between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Chinese)
– Password Protection
– Time-out Timer
– Minimum Volume Setting (by FPU)
– Operator Selectable Tone Settings
– Embedded Message
– 8 Programmable Accessory Ports (for External Control)
– Scan Del/Add Function
– KENWOOD ESN (Electronic Serial Number)
– Radio Stun
– Adjustable Microphone Gain (FPU only): High/Normal
– Microsoft Windows® PC Programming & Tuning




External D-SUB 15-PIN Interface

A D-sub 15-pin terminal enables the simple connection of various types of external equipment. It can be used for Ignition sense, External Switch, Horn Alert, and External Mic, among others. A Molex interface is also available with the optional KCT-60M cable.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Kenwood TM-281A VHF / TM-481A UHF

– Power-on Message
– Wide/Narrow Deviation Selection (per channel)
– 1750 Hz Tone Burst
– Automatic Simplex Checker
– Reverse Function
– Auto Repeater Offset
– Beep On/Off
– Auto Power Off
– Time-Out Timer
– Channel Display Mode
– Busy Channel Lockout
– Memory Channel Lockout
– MR-shift
– Direct Frequency Entry
– Key Lock





                        Kenwood TK-2307 | TK-3307

VHF | UHF Versions Available

 Frequency :136-174,400-440MHz,440-480MHz
Channel:16 channel
Outpower :5W
Built-in VOX function
Voice prompt(5 languages)
Built-in Voice Scrambler
FleetSync plus DTMF,QT and DQT signalling
MDC-1200 signalling compatible,including Stun/Revive and Radio
Time-Out Timer(TOT)
Busy Channel Lockout(BCLO)
Dimension: 54 x 122 x 33.8 mm (with the KNB-29N batteries)
Weight: about 360g
Programmable function keys
Independent settings per channel (VOX, compander, scrambler)
Built-in voice-inversion scrambler
Enhanced audio quality
Compact design
Lone worker





                        Kenwood TH-K20A | TH-K40A

Compact Portable Radio | UHF-VHF Versions | Thin and Lightweight


– Tone Alert (Bell)
– Cross Tone
– Weather CH Scan
– Firmware Upgradable
– Key Lock Type Select 
– 5.5W RF Output for 144MHz
– 5.0W RF Output for 430MHz
– Power-On Message
– Direct Function Key
– Direct Frequency Entry
– Auto Repeater Offset
– 1750 Hz Tone Burst
– Time-Out Timer
– Battery Select (Li-ion / AAA Battery)
– Beat Shift
– Frequency Shift
– VOX Circuit included (Operation with Optional headset)
– Battery Capacity Indicator
– Wide / Narrow Deviation Selection (Per Channel)
– Busy Channel Lock-Out





                         Kenwood TK-2000 | TK-3000

VHF | UHF Versions Available


– Ultra Thin (W x H x D: 54 x 113 x 24.9 mm)
– Lightweight (203g with Li-ion Battery)
– 16 Channels with Scan Function
– 5W (144-174 MHz) Models
– 4W (350-390 MHz) Models
– 4W (400-430 MHz) Models
– 4W (440-480 MHz) Models
– Programmable Function Key with Hold
– All-in-one Package(Antenna, Li-ion Battery, Rapid Charger and Belt Clip)
– IP54 dust and water intrusion standards
– MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F & G environmental standards
– QT / DQT signaling
– DTMF Enc. (PTT ID, Autodial)
– Priority Scan
– Windows® Programming and Tuning
– Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth
– VOX ready
– Battery-Saver
– Busy Channel Lockout
– Time-Out-Timer
– Low-Battery Alert
– Tri-Colour LED
– Wired Clone